Getting Brainwashed P1 Dr. Gregory Reid

Posted: June 28, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Getting Brainwashed P1 Dr. Gregory ReidAnointing

Dr. Reid is a survivor of SRA and child pornography. He understands what the term pre-conditioning means from personal experience. We are all conditioned to some degree by the worlds system, media, philosophy, education, religion, our family system and more. When a person is brainwashed everything they say and believe will be created by their brain-washers. Conditioned people are blinded the brainwashing or spells they are under.  The Lord has open his understanding on renewing our minds.  He also likes to take the time to laugh while he is teaching.  The Lord, Jesus Christ has taught him of deliverance and unconditional love. You will enjoy his teaching style. Enjoy!


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