The Celestial Court”, Session 1, is a comprehensive and enlightening treatise on the creation of the universe, angels and man. Pastor Doug Riggs carefully and thoroughly clarifies the background of sin from its inception in Lucifer and its outworking in Adam. The “star of the morning” lost his exalted place only to discover he would be replaced by man — the corporate man, Christ Jesus the head, and the church, His body. Enraged, Satan levies a legal challenge to the Judge of all in the highest of all supreme court, but to no avail. As the accuser of the brethren, he continues to level charges against God’s elect — only to be defeated by our Advocate who defends us. Soon, his access to the heavenlies will be lost forever when the church takes its place in there in Christ. The church will be the instrument through whom God’s judgments will be executed in the coming Great Tribulation.
“This one spiritual organism, this one new man of Ephesians 2:15, head and body, make up the replacement of Satan … Jesus is the root and offspring of David, the bright Morning Star, Revelation 22:16, so He is Lucifer’s replacement as Son of Man, and as Head of this new creation entity, the bride, the church, the temple of God … the church is THE entity that displaces utterly and with finality Lucifer.”
“The church is God’s final answer and criterion for the ultimate justification of carrying out the sentence and judgment of Satan to the lake of fire.”
“The church is the instrument and the divine criterion for God judging angels, because the church, and only the church, will displace Satan, principalities, and power


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