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Working with a person that is SRA-DID is not the same as working with a person with dissociate identity disorder. The person that is SRA-DID has been conditioned from birth for a specific position and purpose. They are the culmination of Science with the use of technology, Alchemy, (drugs and psychotropics), Magick and hypnotism in order to create a designed intellect. Their minds are intentionally split, creating multiple identities in the base of the unconscious. Each of these identities will have their own personal belief’s and systems of values. Sadly most SRA-DID survivors are in counseling for decades, with no success because their counselors do not understand the complexity of their design. Rarely does a counselor get to the bottom five layers of the mind, where the templates containing the personal identity are located. They never find the true person that is hidden in the basement of the system. If you are a Counselor and would like to learn how to work with survivors, I will train you to successfully work with your clients. If you are a SRA-DID survivor, I will work with you to bring you to complete healing and integration. This is a ministry of the Lord’s. I do not charge for counseling but trust the Lord to provide. I will not turn anyone away that is in need of counseling. I also am open for consultations for any counselors in need of training, advice or that jut need to speak, If you have a counseling center or would like for me to come and speak to a group I offer several training seminars. If you would like to make a donation to the ministry or pay for your session using paypal you can use the link below. The majority of those I help do not have the ability to pay for services. Will you consider giving to this ministry? I pray the Lord richly bless you as you endeavor to do His will, In Christ’s love: Dr. Tom Knotts, Jr. I have several lectures that can be viewed at the following location:
Counselors I will work with your clients over speaker phone or video conference through skype or logitec in order to give you training in how to work with SRA-DID survivors and also to bring your client to the healing they deserve.

  1. When do you have training sessions to councelers again? Where are you situated? Thank uou retah

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