Urgent message By Alexander Backman VISION OF NEW YORK CITY DETONATED- MARCH 13,2014

Posted: March 16, 2014 in Uncategorized
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(CRN®- MARCH 13-2014)- This is an urgent message by Mexican Journalist Alexander Backman with regard to a Dream-Vision he had in December 2013. In the vision Alexander saw a Nuclear Explosion in Manhattan as he stood at the Terminals in Newark International Airport and 32,000 people are incinerated by the blast. Alexander Backman believes that this vision could be related to the disappearance of Flight 370 of Malaysian Airlines as part of a possible terrorist plot against the West. Profr. Backman covers the vision and connects the dots to what could be transpiring. A False Flag Operation could be underway. Nuclear Terrorism is a real threat as well as a Non-Nuclear or Conventional EMP weapon being deployed against US Metropolitan Centers. Alexander also covers the recent chatter coming out of the intercepted communiques from the US Embassy that were intercepted that point to a False Flag event being organized by the West for March 15 2014 in order to blame Russia as the responsible party and give the US Pentagon and NATO the pretext to occupy Ukraine and go to war with Russia.


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