Praise report I received from a sweet sister I was praying and fasting for.

Posted: March 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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As many know. I pray and fast much for others. I want to share a praise report I received from my sweet sis: Dear sister Caroline, I how are you I see you are online so I thought I would write to you and thank you. Do you remember the time when you were fasting and praying and I asked you to pray for me? That week God really showed up in my life! He really expressed His love to me and it was one thing after another – First I found out I was getting a car and it’s better than the last, then I received descipleship package from Evangalist Anita Fuentes, then I got chocolate caramel apple from a friend that I was wishing for in a great way! God has been blessing me and taking me to dark places but I had to go there I suppose! God bless and lotta lovefeeling excited.


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