PW365 Overcoming Mental Illness God’s Way

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Prayer Warriors 365 “Armor Up AM” Thursday, February 76, 2014
LIVE Blog Talk Radio program @…
By Regina M. Dick
Co-host Rene Centnar

LIVE Broadcast Monday – Friday @ 7:00 – 9:00 AM CST –
PRAYBOX – available 24/7/365 @
Give us YOUR PRAYER REQUEST – Prayer Warriors are praying! Prayers for Secular Current Events:
US to show off nuclear capability to North Korea
Prayers for Christian Current Events:
Should Christians Take Medication for Mental Illness????
Prayers for Biblical Prophecy Events:
The perception in the Middle East is that the American superpower status is in decline
Personal Prayer Requests for:
Prayers for those suffering with mental illness and pressing into that personal relationship with Christ to find answers
Praise reports:
Missionary couple finding freedom from spiritual upheaval for the past 7 months. PRAYER WARRIORS 365 MISSION: To bring Prayer Warriors from around the world together in unity fighting the good fight of faith in Jesus Christ through the power of prayer in the Holy Spirit one-day-at-a-time. ARMOR UP AM – This program was born out of the growing need for Christians to come together in effective prayer in these unsettling and confusing times we find ourselves in.
NOTE: There is much more to prayer that just asking God for what we want or just repeating words. Prayer is privilege and our Highest calling, because Prayer is a dialogue with God. It opens the door to intimacy and relationship with Jesus Christ, thus we walk in the fullness or completeness of Salvation.


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