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Published on Feb 18, 2014

Prayer Warriors 365 “Armor Up AM” Tuesday, February 18, 2014
LIVE Blog Talk Radio program @…
By Regina M. Dick
Co-host Rene Centnar

LIVE Broadcast Monday – Friday @ 7:00 – 9:00 AM CST – Give us YOUR PRAYER REQUEST – Prayer Warriors are praying!Prayers for Secular Current Events:
Female teen arrested for serial killing resulting from satanic cults.Prayers for Christian Current Events: Discussed topic of “Don’t Say You’ll Pray For Me.” Getting honest about really praying for people. Prayers for Biblical Prophecy Events:
There is a growing number of prophecy teachers that do not believe that the Bible is the finalauthority for future events

Personal Prayer Requests
Lost jobs and new doors opening for employment.
Moving past pain to continue in what God’s calls us to do.

Praise reports:
Freedom from pain.
Missionary freed from all charges from Mexico after seven months and major prayer.

PRAYER WARRIORS 365 MISSION: To bring Prayer Warriors from around the world together in unity fighting the good fight of faith in Jesus Christ through the power of prayer in the Holy Spirit one-day-at-a-time.

ARMOR UP AM – This program was born out of the growing need for Christians to come together in effective prayer in these unsettling and confusing times we find ourselves in. NOTE: There is much more to prayer that just asking God for what we want or just repeating words. Prayer is privilege and our Highest calling, because Prayer is a dialogue with God. It opens the door to intimacy and relationship with Jesus Christ, thus we walk in the fullness or completeness of Salvation. HIGHLIGHTS and Mechanics of the program. Each day we will highlight Secular, Christian and/or Biblical prophetic current events around the world which are in need of powerful intercessory prayer. We are bringing the “Good News of Jesus Christ” to overcome the bad news we face each day, so that we know who He is and what He does for His children. Three ways to get your prayer request, concerns, questions or praise reports:
1. CALL IN Each broadcast during the week is LIVE and opened to callers encouraged to share your prayer questions, concerns and requests. Join the program at… 2. The LIVE Chat room will also be open once the broadcast starts, you can communicate your questions or prayer request via the Chat room, also. 3. PRAYERBOX At the website you can make prayer request at any time and they will be prayer for on our LIVE program. GO the — the PRAYER WARRIORS 365 tab, and then on the drop down menu select “PRAYERBOX.”
i. You can leave your request anonymously.
ii. We ask that you pray for the request that are listed and click the “I Prayed For You” button, so that these individuals know that someone specifically is praying for them.Regina M. Dick
Renee Centnar
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