AntiChrist and The Sleeping Giant Dr. Pat Holliday, Dr. Sabrina, and Marshall

Posted: January 11, 2014 in Uncategorized
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The Plan to establish a New World Order is depicted in Murals around the world. It is quickly coming into view in our time. The world is looking for a new savior; they are looking for a man of unpatrolled evil; an ultimate enemy that will emerge in the end time and take over the world. He will be a young man who will rise with supernatural powers to rise to power over the planet. He will set himself as ruler over Jerusalem and claim to be God. The Jews rejected Jesus Christ and they will receive him and he will come in his own name. He is the prince who is to come, (Dan. 9:26:), who makes things desolate (Dan. 9:27), the king who does as he pleases, (Dan. 11:36), a foolish shepherd, (Zech. 11: 15-17), a man of lawlessness, (II Thess. 2,3), a man of destruction, (II Thess. 2:2,3), the rider on the white horse, (Rev. 6:2), The Beast (Rev. 13-1-9; 17:3, 8).


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