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NSA Israel Special here.

This week we will be joined by Alexander Backman whose website has registered over 119 million unique hits. He talks about a wide range of subjects and is the host of Conciencia Radio. He hails from Mexico and promises to be a both an exciting as well as controversial guest. In this program we plan to talk about current events as well as the upcoming four blood moons in 2014 and 2015 along with his thoughts on what these moons might possibly mean. I also plan to get into some of his personal testimony including supernatural experiences with God. Don’t miss this episode of Discovering the Truth with Dan Duval!

Dr. James Garrow former Nobel Peace Prize nominee, was recruited by an intelligence agency at the age 18 for the federal government of the US so he signed an oath, a commitment to the nation & kept that commitment for 45 years until he was ousted by the White House in Sept 30, 2013. He was involved in bringing forward knowledge of the litmus test that asked: Would you turn & fire on U.S. citizens if ordered? Dr. Garrow is now free to speak about things except for areas where he can’t cross the line. He’s spent hours with a legal team to make sure he’s clear about what he can speak about. 208 senior military officers gone now & now they are going down to the lieutenant level to get rid of constitutional loyalists. Dr. Garrow , has first-hand knowledge that the deaths of Andrew Brietbart, Michael Hastings, and now Tom Clancy were the result of interconnected attempts to expose Barack Obama as a foreign Saudi plant – a fact that that Dr. Garrow says is common knowledge among intelligence communities throughout the world. Dr. Garrow has contacts with intelligence forces of the world & those people are appalled at what’s going on. Operatives are not safe & three of Jim’s colleagues have been murdered in the past month. They were compromised probably at the highest levels of the govt. Remember Valerie Jarrett’s words about those who have been with us will be rewarded. “Those who haven’t been with us will get theirs (there will be hell to pay)”. It’s now a reality for our people around the world. Its the new Knockout game, Obama style…but when Obama knocks you out, your down…….permanently. Jim founder of the Pink Pagoda organization which rescues baby girls from government sanctioned infanticide in China.

Bible Study.

PROSPER AS THY SOUL PROSPERS-The author has been blessed to see Jesus raise many people from the dead. Tillie, was a lady who had been deeply involved in witchcraft. She came looking for deliverance. This lady was having seizures. She jumped out of her seat one day at one of our meetings. She ran to the back of the church and fell down. She began to have a severe seizure. Her eyes sunk to the back of her head and she stopped breathing and she died. We prayed over her for forty five minutes. She came back alive! Dr. Julie Burke, of Jacksonville, Florida witnessed this resurrection from death back to life. This author has seen five people raised from the dead and untold numbers raised in the intensive care units.
I’ve seen all kinds of incredible miracles such as, incurable deceases get healthy again. The blind see, lame walk, cancer, hearts, livers, muscular dystrophy, Aides, etc. healed!

Topic: Modern Day Nephilim and their influence on the Earth (and of course wherever Father leads…) Daniel Holdings will be interviewing Watchman Augusto Perez and Pastor Douglas Riggs about how the illuminati are now on the outside looking in at the Nephilim who are the real kings of the earth and their effect on the international banking system and how they are building their army. And we will of course get an update from him on the “Nephilim Mothers”. Augusto had a powerful dream a few months back that seemed to confirm that “really smart guys” are now planning things. He’s also had a recent vision that will be helpful to the discussion.