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Please join us in this prayer time to press in and be filled with the strength of the Lord. This is our last week of fasting and prayer for the year 2013. We cover ourselves under the blood of Jesus and pray for the passover blood to cover us and protect us from calamity, the enemies arrows, pestilence, snares, oppression and more. Many of are at a point in life where we are just very tired. Emotionally, physically, and mentally, but God restores our souls. In the Lord we receive strength and restoration. Ask the Lord to revive you as you join us in this live prayer. We command the mountains ( unable to sleep, sickness, worry, distress, FEAR, adultery, poverty to be removed. Let the mountains be broken into pieces in Jesus name! Amen!! We take back and claim our destinies in the Lord, our miracles, families and other areas of our lives the enemy has tried to destroy us with. Prayers for the grace and favor of God upon our lives and those we intercede for.
We come against any resistance. powers, satanic prayers, or satanic fasting, curses, charms, wickedness by fire and by force. Burn the enemies camp into ashes by fire in Jesus name. Oh, God arise and let my enemies be scattered. We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. We shall live and not die and declare the wonderful works of the Lord. No weapons formed against us shall prosper in Jesus name. And every tongue that rises against us shall be destroyed in Jesus name. These are some of the fiery and violent warfare prayers we cover. I pray that you are strengthened and blessed by this FreshFirePrayerLine.

  1. Philip Sarpong says:

    Pray for me Please, I want to do the work of God and God speaks through me that I would be like Manasseh so i should listen to His preaching, watching His videos and every dimension about him, So please pray for me, One of His song always praise in my heart ( BREATH UPON ME THE SPIRIT OF LORD )

  2. Amen and Amen. God bless!

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