Control of Minds

Posted: November 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

New World News

Now, we must take the final crucial issue from our old world that will challenge our ability to succeed. The last question is how the taken occult elite was able to maintain supreme power for thousands of years behind the scene. For that, the occult used its evil nature to base its whole life and power on it.
Human life begins with the spiritual sphere and work of minds. The occult elite have been forming its inner spirituality and society for own evil way. The occultists found a way to control minds totally for the destructive way of life. This is the power system of evil and we need all our humanity to deal with it. It is real and will not go away by itself. Now, the society must free itself from it to take control over own life into our hands.
As we found, there is such a…

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