Monarch Survivor Randy

Posted: November 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Zeph Daniel interviews Randy an ex Monarch survivor back in November 2007 after she starts the journey into remembering her ‘Lost Time’ from her days of being programmed, memories are starting to return as she seeks the truth….. This is a very real issue and many more are starting to awaken and seek help to remember what went on in their lives, some things may be better left to the imagination but as more and more victims of this satanic programming do come out we can be sure that little by little this system will be exposed as to how dark, destructive and deeply evil it really is. It is estimated that there are millions of victims in this splitting of the human mind. One of the purposes is to create numerous personalities within a ‘Chosen One’ – Multi (each personality is trained with different skills) for the purpose of serving the dark powers and to be used as a ‘Super Soldier’. This stems back from Nazi Germany and now it is now known to be into the 3rd and 4th generation and spread worldwide. When researched this is a massive system and way bigger than most can even comprehend, are these the troops of anti-christ and what exactly is their end game.

  1. Carolina G. says:

    Thank you so much for takin the time to make this informative page. You are truly working for the service of people. God more in you šŸ™‚

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