Neshamah Presentation Leipzig Aug 2013

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This video presentation concludes the four day SRA/DID seminar held in Leipzig, Germany, August 2013, where three survivors, Dan, Constantina and Suzanna, my wife Lori and myself were invited to speak. In this last session Amanda Buys from Kanaan Ministries (South Africa) takes us through her Power Point presentation summarizing what God has taught us at Morning Star through our years of working with SRA/DID survivors of trauma-based-mind-control. We consider this presentation on Neshamah to be the most comprehensive conceptual framework in understanding the core dynamics and resolution of DID. Special thanks to Amanda Buys and her administrative assistant, Colette, for their exceptional ability to capture our work in producing this Power Point. We would also like to give special thanks to our translator and host, Herbert Lang.
Source document for Neshamah:…
DVD’s of this four day seminar will soon become available from our friends in Germany. We will give contact information as soon as DVD reproduction is completed.
Doug Riggs, Pastor
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